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Francis Meilland-Bare Roots 2025(Pre-order)

Francis Meilland-Bare Roots 2025(Pre-order)

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Francis Meilland is a distinguished Hybrid Tea rose renowned for its exceptional disease resistance and numerous accolades. Named in honor of a renowned rose breeder, this rose variety features large, high-centered blooms in a soft, shell pink hue, exuding a delightful old rose fragrance. Its buds are notably conical-shaped, opening into expansive, full blooms that measure 5 inches across and boast an impressive count of 37 petals.

This rose is a repeat bloomer, ensuring a continuous display of its beautiful flowers throughout the growing season. Its blooms are strikingly set against glossy, dark green foliage, providing an elegant contrast that enhances its visual appeal. Moreover, Francis Meilland is prized for its clean flower drop, making it an excellent choice for cut flower arrangements.

Overall, Francis Meilland stands out not only for its aesthetic charm and fragrance but also for its resilience to diseases, making it a favored choice among gardeners and florists alike.

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