2024 Spring Toronto Bare-root Rose Care: Beginner's Guide

  1. Inspect the Roots and Branches
  • Roots: Check for black areas or signs of dryness. Remove any damaged parts.
  • Branches: Trim wrinkled branches to about 10 cm. Soak the entire plant in clean water for 2-3 days, ensuring the cut end is above the water. This helps the skin become plump and fresh. After this, soak the roots separately for another 2-3 days.
  1. Sterilization
  • Use a hydrogen peroxide solution at a ratio of 1:4 or 1:5 for sterilizing the branches. Alternative fungicides can be used, but concentration is key.
  1. Planting
  • In the Ground: Dig a hole about 50x50 cm, deep enough to cover the plant up to just above the grafting point. Compact the soil and water thoroughly (This is called "setting root water" and is very important!). Cover with a semi-transparent cover without ventilation until the bud grows to about half an inch, then gradually introduce air.
  • In Pots: Use an appropriately sized pot, pack the soil firmly, and water generously. Cover with a semi-transparent plastic bag, making it airtight. Once the bud grows to an inch, puncture small holes in the bag for gradual ventilation and eventually remove the bag completely.
  1. Rose Tree Care
  • Soak the root system in clean water until germination. Cover the top with a transparent or semi-transparent bag to maintain airtight conditions. Some trees may require soaking for 5-6 days. After a germination of about one cm, prune the roots and prepare for potting or ground planting. Keep the plastic cover until leaves unfold, then gradually introduce air by making holes in the bag.
  1. Key Summary
  • Ensure thorough soaking and cover with plastic to maintain humidity.
  • Compact the soil and water generously to set the roots.
  • Avoid fertilizers before leaf growth and ensure the roots are not lifted.


                                                                                           Reference By:Simon