About Us

Excellent health and beauty services has always been centred as our mission to improve and provide with. We deeply understand how your life can be influenced, from attractive blooms to juicy fruits and healthy vegetables, flourishing farmland to beautiful house plants.

Rina Shinchi founded Lucky Flower Greenhouse in 2019, alongside with her gardening passionate friend Bella. Rina was looking for a useful solution for saving her struggling plants. After several experiments, She came across one of her home brand HB-101, a Japanese brand of natural plant vitalizer. 


HB-101 is a pioneer of experience in the protection of plants and agriculture, stacked with 400 years of tradition and knowledge. It was designed to benefits the earth's environment while limiting the cost and demand of toxic fertilizer. With all the research and evaluation, HB101 was formulated and bottled, concentrated in a ready-to-dilute solution for easy and immediate use. It was successful by satisfying more than 80 million people around the world, including farmers as well as home plants lover. 


The world has been enjoying their daily lives alone with their glamours garden and delicious food products provided by simple drops of this renowned solution, and we are more than happy to share the joyfulness with all Canadian.