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State of Grace -Bare Roots 2025(Pre-order)

State of Grace -Bare Roots 2025(Pre-order)

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Bred in the US, State of Grace is an English-style rose prized for its compact and tidy growth habit, along with its excellent disease resistance. This rounded bush reaches a height of 3-4 feet and blooms in flushes throughout the season, showcasing multicolored flowers that feature soft apricot-gold petals with dark pink reverse petals.

State of Grace is particularly distinguished by its long, strong stems and delightful fruity fragrance, making it a coveted choice for home gardens and cut flower farms alike. The gorgeous, double blooms open to reveal golden centers, adding a touch of elegance and attracting not only neighbors' admiration but also butterflies and other pollinators to your yard.

With its combination of beauty, resilience, and appeal to wildlife, State of Grace is indeed a must-have addition for gardeners seeking a rose that brings both visual delight and ecological benefits to their outdoor spaces.

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