Colette-Bare Roots 2025(Pre-order)

Colette-Bare Roots 2025(Pre-order)

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Colette is a captivating rose variety distinguished by its soft pink hue and outstandingly sweet fragrance. Some describe its scent as reminiscent of spicy musk, akin to tea or even akin to a damask rose. This rose is a prolific bloomer, offering continuous blooms from May until the first frost of the season.

The blooms of Colette are noteworthy for their large size, measuring 3 ½ inches across and adorned with over 135 petals, creating a charmingly antique appearance with numerous frills. Beyond its beauty, Colette is highly prized for its exceptional disease resistance, making it a reliable choice for cut flower arrangements.

Colette thrives particularly well when grown on trellises, arbors, or arches, where its graceful blooms and delightful fragrance can be fully appreciated. Its combination of visual appeal, fragrance, and resilience makes it a beloved addition to gardens seeking enduring beauty and aromatic charm.

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