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All Dress Up-Bare Roots 2025(Pre-order)

All Dress Up-Bare Roots 2025(Pre-order)

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Introducing All Dressed Up™, a rose bush that epitomizes grace and resilience in the world of roses. This exceptional variety features large, pink blooms adorned with an abundance of delicate petals, creating sprays of captivating color that effortlessly command attention. Embracing its old-fashioned charm, All Dressed Up™ exudes timeless elegance while emitting a unique apple fragrance, which envelops your garden in a delightful and refreshing aroma.

Whether used as a striking centerpiece or as a captivating addition to your garden, All Dressed Up™ truly stands out. Its old-fashioned blooms are elegantly held on long stems, making it perfect for creating stunning floral arrangements that exude sophistication and charm.

With its enduring beauty, refreshing fragrance, and strong resilience, this exceptional rose bush is a must-have for enthusiasts and those who appreciate the beauty of stunning cut flowers straight from the garden.

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