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Liv Tyler-Bare Roots 2025(Pre-order)

Liv Tyler-Bare Roots 2025(Pre-order)

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Also known as 'Meibacus', the Hybrid Tea rose 'Liv Tyler' is celebrated for its delightful fragrance reminiscent of ripe apricots. This rose variety features coral-pink blooms that are distinctly quartered, making them perfect for cutting and arranging in floral displays. 'Liv Tyler' is an excellent choice for gardeners who enjoy bringing the beauty of their garden indoors.

Known for its robust qualities, 'Liv Tyler' boasts long, strong stems that support its sturdy blooms. The plant typically grows to a height of 5-6 feet and spreads 3-4 feet, showcasing large flowers adorned with an impressive 75-80 petals each. The blooms measure approximately 4.75 inches in size, making a bold statement in any garden or bouquet.

Offered as an own-root rose, 'Liv Tyler' ensures reliable performance and easy care, appealing to both seasoned gardeners and newcomers. Its combination of beauty, fragrance, and practicality for floral arrangements makes it a cherished addition to any garden intended for both visual enjoyment and cutting purposes.

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